BrightDrop Trace Move

Delivery Reimagined.

The BrightDrop Trace Move takes the idea of containerization to the modern age. It changes the way goods are moved between distribution centers and customers with endless possibilities. * * All images shown on this webpage are pre-production models. Production model may vary.

Trace Move is designed to optimize the movement of goods. 

Improving Efficiencies 
The Trace Move was developed to reduce touches, errors, labor costs, and physical strain on the labor force. Our research has shown that it's been more than successful. 


In an initial pilot, the BrightDrop Trace Move enabled couriers to effectively handle 25% more packages per day.* * Information provided is based on results from initial studies of the Trace Move in a pilot offering. Results may vary based on individual usage and applications.

Electric Propulsion
The Trace Move will have a built-in electric hub motor to help reduce the physical strain on your workforce. The operator can adjust the speed up to 3 mph to match their walking pace. * *The Trace Move has a maximum payload capacity of 200 lbs.
The Trace Move is easy to operate and maneuver in both crowded or tight spaces, making it adaptable for a variety of locations. It's also built to move on a range of surfaces so you can trust it will arrive.

Specs* *Actual production specs may vary.

~1/2 pallet worth of goods
Cargo space
~23 cubic feet
Payload Capacity
200 lbs
Shelf weight rating
100 lbs

Charger power
2A, 110V-120V
Recharge time
Approximately 7.5 hours to full charge* *Recharge time shown is for the Trace eCart using the proper equipment and methods as outlined in the owner's manual. Your actual recharge time may vary based on several factors, including temperature, battery age, and how you use and maintain your product.
Battery size and type
43V 600Wh Li-ion battery
Charge cord length
Total length 9'
Motor size / rating
43V Brushless Motor Drive System rated at 250W

Curb weight
170 lbs
42" x 21" x 44"
What is Covered: Mechanical & Electrical Components and  Subsystems
All Trace Move eCarts come with a one year limited warranty covering defects in material and workmanship.

The BrightDrop Rapid Load Vehicle (RLV) Concept
An organized and efficient way to quickly unload your Trace Move eCarts. This vehicle is being designed with a mechanism to load and unload the Trace Move from the rear, driver, and passenger side doors.
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